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What are recent HVAC technologies adopted by HVAC Companies ?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - May 6, 2019

Recent HVAC Technologies & Trends

HVAC Companies need to evolve themselves as per recent HVAC technologies. They must constantly innovate their processes to stay updated with recent HVAC technologies.

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HVAC technologies

An indoor comfortable temperature is important for any office space or building and it’s driven by your HVAC system. Since HVAC systems are the biggest consumers of total energy, new trends and technologies in HVAC are turning their focus toward creating efficient HVAC systems

HVAC technology is becoming more sophisticated, built with better algorithms and able to gather more data..” With that in mind, here are five trends in the HVAC industry that aim to help improve the efficiency of your building.


  1. Smart Controls HVAC controls are now being built with more precise sensors. “There are a lot more sensors gathering information about what’s actually going on by identifying the level of activity that’s actually occurring in the building and then modulating the equipment for optimal usage.” For example, CO2 sensors can use occupancy information to appropriately ventilate a space as and when required. This is again a gig energy saver which shows smart controls have definitely come a long way and they are going to be better with time.
  2. Geothermal Systems do not use oil or gas, rather geothermal heat pumps are fuelled by the earth itself by using earth’s thermal energy around the year as it remains consistent, to heat and cool a space. The cost of installing a geothermal system is higher than the HVAC equipment. But one must conscious of looking at the overall lifetime operating cost, maintenance cost, etc.
  3. Integration The industry is also seeing greater integration of HVAC controls with other building controls and BMS. For example, particularly advanced lighting, a sensor in a room might be used to control the lighting in that space, as well as the operation of HVAC. Access controls which are used for security can also be compatible with HVAC controls.
  4. Variable Speed Controls Usually HVAC systems are traditionally designed to operate at peak load – the biggest expected heating or cooling load. The HVAC  industry, therefore, is seeing an opportunity in variable speed controls which are more effective. This makes HVAC  equipment very efficient at operating at those variable load conditions causing higher efficiency and less waste.
  5. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems have seen growth as they have higher capital expenditure but also have low ongoing energy and maintenance costs.VRF shows great energy efficiency as in a weekend when there is no occupancy comparing to Monday when all the employees turn up.

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