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Role of AHU in Centralized Air Conditioning System

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - October 14, 2020

Heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems installed at household and industrial businesses own AHU or air handling unit as an important device. AHU, as their name suggests, are necessary to handle and modify the air according to the desired needs.

But, the overall performance of these units can’t be described in a single sentence. These systems are made up of various components, each doing a different function. If you deal in AHUs, you must need a little knowledge about their functioning to tell it to your clients. Below are some of the functionality of AHU components in centralised air conditioning systems.

Components of Air Handling Unit (AHU):

The function of blower:

An important part of every air handling unit is the blower which does the function of converting the air present in the building. The air collected by the blower is heated or cooled (i.e., conditioned) and then discharged into the building. Air handling units used at industrial buildings may have many blowers or fans for better performance.

The function of conditioning elements:

The second important parts of an air handling unit are the elements that support in cooling or heating the air. For cooling systems, there are cooling coil utilised to cool the oil whereas for heating systems, heating coils are used in the air-conditioning systems. 

The function of filters:

One of the most essential components of AHUs is the filter. Aside from conditioning the air, it is notably important to purify the air present in the building. AHU is installed with filters that achieve the function of removing dirt and other annoying components of air to make it fresh and clean.

The function of humidifier:

Humidifiers present in the air handling units do the function of keeping the quality of air in a cold atmosphere. Various types of humidifiers, including ultrasonic humidifiers and vaporizers, are present in several units.

The function of dampers and mixing chambers:

Dampers are fitted inside the mixing chamber of an air handling unit and they do another important function. This entire arrangement is used to blend air from the outside of the building and remove air from the inside of the building in order to change the air more quickly and easily.

Other parts and their functions:

Various kinds of heat recovery devices and sound attenuators are used to enhance the energy efficiency and to control the noise and vibration of the AHU. Smoke detectors are additionally fitted into these units to identify smoke and avoid fire accidents. 

Keep in mind that air handling units are available in different shapes, sizes, and installation types. The primary function of these units remains the same, but the parts inside them may vary. If you are looking for AHU for Centralized Air Conditioning, MG Cooling Solutions can help on the same by sharing the right tonnage calculations for your facility.

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