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Role of Chiller in HVAC Systems

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - August 21, 2020

Almost all industrial units have to maintain the required levels of temperature in units to ensure smooth and efficient operations and to maintain the raw material/finished product in optimal conditions. Therefore, the installation of HVAC Systems in industrial units is fundamental to their existence and efficient operations. 

Role of Chiller in HVAC System

The most important part of an HVAC System is a chiller. A Chiller plays a great role in saving electricity, if efficient. On the other hand, if it is not in proper condition, then it may end up consuming 50% of the total electricity bill. Therefore, HVAC Companies must scrutinize the Chiller in HVAC Systems properly and suggest for its replacement or repair in case of any damage/fault in it. 

Chiller Systems consist of a refrigeration system, evaporator, compressor, condenser, and an expansion device. Also, Chiller Systems are of two types, namely Air-Cooled Chillers and Water-Cooled Chillers.

A Chiller is a machine used for vapor-compression or vapor adsorption. A Chiller facilitates the continuous flow of the coolant liquid/gas to the processing system which is then used pumped to exhale the heat out of the concerned area. Or it can be said that Chiller provides the right temperature and right navigation channel to the coolant to ensure the efficient functioning of the concerned HVAC machine/tool installed therein.

So, a chiller system operates as the heart of the HVAC System. It is pertinent for industrialists to start taking note of the fact and ensure that the chiller system remains in optimal conditions. It will also result in less consumption of energy/electricity, thereby reducing the operational cost to a great extent. The condenser coils in the Chiller System must be cleaned regularly to ensure free air passage and no clogging. The next steps to ensure its long life and efficient performance are to maintain refrigerant charge and condenser water. 

These were the basic steps that are to be taken by an industrialist using an HVAC System. Well, AI is our present partially and will most probably control our future wholly. Similarly, AI can also be used to check for any potential flaws in the Chiller System. Therefore, Predictive Maintenance is the second possible tool for industrialists to use to prevent any potential damage before it occurs. 

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