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Why warehouse ventilation is required & importance of HVAC for warehouses ?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In Ventilation - March 22, 2019

Why warehouse ventilation is required & importance of HVAC for warehouses?

India is a new hub of e-commerce sector where revenue from the sector is expected to increase from USD 39 billion in 2017 to USD 120 in 2020 growing at an annual rate of 51 % which is the highest in the world.  This is why a lot of PE and VC firms are looking to invest in this sector.

“The Indian market for warehouse automation is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10-12 percent to touch $3.49 billion by 2020

According to a data by Knight Frank, India Warehousing Market Report 2018 found that Mumbai had the highest growth at 231 percent (5.2 mn sqft), followed by Delhi  NCR that jumped 129 percent (6.5 mn sqft), and Bangalore at 90 percent (2.5 mn sqft).

Hence, it becomes obvious to have modern warehouses to establish in India with the WMS ( Warehouse management system ) backed by highly efficient robots and  AI ( Artificial Intelligence).


Also, the warehouses need to be efficient with the technology which can the order in the shortest delivery time. Gone are the days where warehouses were considered only godowns and the market was unorganized.

Previously made concrete or low quality steel godowns are now being replaced by bold steel structures, which are pre-engineered in factories and then assembled at the warehouse location. Modern warehouses are waterproof, have good ventilation ( HVAC system), and insulation to reduce the temperature inside that make it comfortable for the material as well as people who are working there. Warehouse ventilation is required to make them more productive.

Warehouse ventilation Company
Warehouse ventilation Company

When temperatures rise in the summers, it can damage electronic items and it can become difficult for the people working inside them.  Hence, it is vital for all the warehouses to have a proper HVAC system or warehouse ventilation. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. Since a warehouse is exposed to Indian climate which is quite hot and humid, it becomes necessary for an HVAC Company to have a well efficient HVAC system in place which takes care of warehouse ventilation as there are a  continuous loading and unloading happening inside the warehouse.

One must also check that all the goods like Electrical, FMCG etc, do not get damaged by heat, temperature & humidity. Only a professional HVAC Company can design an HVAC Project for warehouses ventilation & air conditioning

MG Cooling Solutions is one such HVAC company which has helped various logistics and warehouse companies in increasing their productivity by making the temperature comfortable for those who are working and suitable for all the warehouse inventory.

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