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What is Centralized Air Conditioning?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 21, 2020

The Centralized Air Conditioning is a system, in which air is conditioned according to nature, cooled or heated (mostly cooled), at a central location and distributed back and forth area by one or more fans and ducts. The Compressor is called as the heart of the system as it helps to make the whole process possible. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas from liquid and liquid from gas which enables to discharge of heat out of any specific building and thus, the cool air is created. This is actually a 360-degree cycle in which heat is throwing away from one place to another and cool air is delivered from one place to the other. Here comes the Furnace Cabinet, it receives the hot air and pushes the cold air throughout the building. Now it is known why the Furnace Cabinet or Air Handler be placed at some out-of-the-way place, on a roof or a hard slab?

Technically saying, the Thermostats help to control the cooling system on and off so as to rise and fall the temperature of the specific area. It is the same as the normal air conditioning but the working area is way more than the later. It is like a giant octopus; the heart is there at the specific position, the way of performing the work is distributed to various parts.

And its working is totally different than its name. The performance of the Centralized Air Conditioning is to decentralize the conditioned air. It is called such because the heart of cooling the hot wave is at the centre and the cold air can be reached to every part of the building area.

Also, it helps not to think about where the AC should be placed as the compressor is set outside the boundaries somewhere, but near to that, too; and the whole place can get ready to receive the fresh feeling.

Majorly, it does have two different types;

  • Split System Unit:

In this type, there are separate metal cabinets, an Outdoor Metal Cabinet which contains the Condenser and the Compressor whereas an Indoor Metal Cabinet that contains the Evaporator.

  • Packaged Unit:

Here, all equipment i.e. the Condenser, the Compressor, and the Evaporator will be located in a single cabinet.

In short, the centralized air conditioning can be defined as the system of conditioning air for various decentralized areas by centralizing it in a centralized point.

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