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What is the Centralized Air Conditioning System

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - October 2, 2020

It is the system in which air is cooled at a central location. The cooled air is then is distributed to rooms by one or more fans and by the duct.

The compressor in the air conditioner makes the whole process possible of the air conditioning system.

It can be used in both the seasons in summer as well as in winter.

It is also known as air round air conditioning system.

Where it is used:

It is used mainly at large spaces likely in –

Theaters, Cinema Halls, Hotels, Exhibition, Hall, Restaurants etc.

When it is required:

When the flow of air is more than 300 meter cube per minute then the centralized air conditioning is required.

When there is a need of cool down the separate portions of the building then the centralized air conditioning is required.

The cooling capacity of centralized air conditioning system is 25 ton or more than 25 ton is required.

Working of Centralized Air Conditioning System:

The components of centralized air conditioning system is:-

Compressor, condenser, throttle valve, filter, heater, damper, humidifier, eliminators, pipe for supplying of air, blowers that run with the help of motor.

Air handling unit and condensing unit both are the different components.

Compressor, condenser, heating, cooling, humidifier, coil and fan is placed at the basement.

The fresh air enters through the dampers then it goes to the filter, where the air purifies and all the impurities is removed from the air.

In summer season centralized air conditioning system is used but some of its components or parts is not in a working state.

Heater is not used mainly the cooling chamber is used in summer season.

Refrigant goes to the compressor where the air gets compressed then it goes to the condensor where the air get condensed and then it goes to the throttle valve then it goes to the evaporator or cooling coil where the air get cooled and moisture is removed. Then it again goes to the compressor and this whole process goes on.

In humidifier two process takes place –

1) Humidification: Adding of the moisture takes place in this process.

2) Dehumidification: Removing of the moisture takes place in this process.

In summer season Dehumidification takes place and In winter humidification takes place.

In winter season heater is in a working condition but the cooling coil is not in working condition.

The same process goes on as in summer season but with a little difference.

The difference is that humidification takes place.

Advantages of centralized air conditioning system:

1) The initial and running cost is very low if compared with separate unit.

2) It can be fixed in the basement or it can be fixed away from the room.

3) The vibration and noise is created at a very negligible amount.

4) The maintainance is very easy and easily accessible.

5) The air is reused is this and no air pollution takes place through this.

Disadvantages of centralized air conditioning system:

1) The size of duct through which the air flows is very big.

2) The ducts are very costly.

3) The ducts occupies more space.

But at the last centralized air conditioning system is more effective then any other cooling system.

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