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Article By MG Cooling Solutions In UVGI - April 5, 2021

Sooner or later offices and commercial buildings will reopen to employees and the public the only change is that both workers and visitors will expect a higher level of cleanliness for any building they walk into. The biggest concern is to maintain air quality inside the office buildings. Workers and visitors can bring air contaminants along with them from outside and microbes can also breed inside the building on cooling coils and ducts. Commercial HVAC systems have air filters that can help mitigate the risk of infection and cross-contamination. UV lamps can greatly reduce this risk as they can be used to sterilize the surfaces and disinfect cooling coils where harmful microorganism grow and to sanitize air continuously circulating throughout the building

Installing UV lamps in our offices is very important as it will not only kill microorganisms growing inside but also purifies indoor air and will improve your health and system’s efficiency. Here are the benefits of installing UV lamps

  • Reduction in illnesses and allergies 

allergies and illnesses can easily spread through HVAC Systems inside offices and commercial buildings. But using a UV lamp with the right placement and strength can kill the majority of microorganisms that curb on the cooling coils and air ducts of the HVAC system. You will notice a reduction in absenteeism due to illness

  • Elimination of odors

HVAC systems in offices and commercial buildings can transport odors of tobacco, paint, burned food, and other contaminants throughout your office. These odors can be annoying or dangerous for your health. UV lamp can eliminate these volatile organic compounds from air to make the air cleaner and easier to breathe.

  • Improving HVAC efficiency

Dirt, debris, and pollutants can clog your HVAC system from inside which will greatly reduce its ability to deliver air to the rooms of your office and its efficiency. Installing UV light in your HVAC unit can help in removing build-up in ductwork, pipes, and cooling coils thus improving system capacity by 35%

  • Improved airflow

UV lamp can be a best friend for your HVAC as it will not only kill harmful germs and pathogens but also help in eliminating excessive moisture making the indoor environment more comfortable and healthier with an improved airflow

  • Cost-effective 

UV lamps when properly installed in the HVAC system can prove cost-effective as they will help the HVAC system to clean itself thus increasing the system’s life and efficiency. It will also improve productivity as there will be no lost work hours due to illness because the indoor working environment is healthy and free from illness-causing germs

  • Target area decontamination using local UV lamps

There few areas in offices and commercial buildings that are more susceptible to airborne pathogens and cross-contamination for them smaller units can be installed throughout the office building There few areas in offices and commercial buildings that are more susceptible to airborne pathogens. These include air recirculation fixtures and upper air room purifiers.

MG cooling solution is a leading HVAC enterprise, that constantly works to provide its client with better heating and cooling solution and now we are working to provide a healthier indoor environment. Contact us for any kind of assistance on UVGI technology  

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