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Why we need Centralized Air Conditioning System?

Article By MG Cooling Solutions In HVAC - July 19, 2020

Why we need Centralized Air Conditioner

Centralized Air Conditioning System equally distributes its cooled air to every part of the room and building . The System designed in such a way that you will feel pleasant temperature i.e neither hot nor much cold anywhere as coolness is distributed uniformly and therefore Centralized Air Conditioning for Manufacturing Plants is very successful due to its equal and uniform distribution of coolness. It also balances the room temperature as per the outside weather . The ultimate temperature control feature prevents the rooms from getting over cooled or overheated and saves the power consumption as well. 

● Operating principles – Evaporating coil which is installed above the gas furnace inside the home through where cold refrigerant is pumped and then fan blows air over the coil .Refrigerant absorbs heat from the air and cool air started to flow through connected ducts, vents and lowered the temperature of room’s interiors. 

● Humidity Control – Centralized Air Condition controls the humidity of your room and makes you feel better during day and nights . Installed filters removed microscopic pollutants and bacterias and then filtered air is passed through ducts into the room which is healthier for respiration. 

● Four types of installation include: Split Systems, Heat Pumps, Packaged Central Air Conditioners and Ductless Mini Split Systems. Split Systems is most commonly used in the homes today and more economical as common duct is used for both the passage of air conditioning and heat. Instead of transferring heat back and forth, Heat Pump works and thus consumes less energy. Packaged Central Air Conditioners working parts are packed into one unit and therefore have a compact body . Ductless Mini Split Systems are easier to install and like Central AC, it also has two components : one is a compressor and other is refrigerant tubing, suction tubing . MG Cooling Solutions, a leading HVAC Company in India dealing in Centralized Air Conditioning Systems.

People often seek the differences and get confused while selecting split air conditioning, windows air conditioning and centralized air conditioning so let’s discuss: 

Windows Air Conditioning who is ideal for single room cooling and same goes with Split Air Conditioning who have high efficiency but limited to specific areas or small apartments whereas Centralized Air Conditioning is cheaper as it cool down your entire building thoroughly and control the room humidity so Centralized Air Conditioning for Manufacturing Plants,Industries, Malls to Big buildings are emerging as a successful and we have also been finding it everywhere now a days.

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