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Centralized Air Conditioning

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Centralized Air conditioning is a process used for transforming the behaviour of air to make the environment more pleasant and comfortable. The target of centralized air conditioning devices is to distribute the conditioned air throughout the space where it is installed. Inside home, office or other big indoor areas these units are designed to offer more comfort for improving air level/quality. We offer best Centralized Air Conditioning solutions for all properties, like but not restricted to –

Healthcare facilities/Hospitals

Ventilation and air-conditioning in healthcare facilities requires a rigorous knowledge of the ventilation and air-conditioning system. Ventilation system in hospitals should supply patients with requisite conditions for recovery, and doctors with appropriate air quality for concentrated work – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Taking into account the special needs of environmental comfort in healthcare facilities, centralized air conditioning systems must meet the specific technical and functional demands, the air conditioning units must ensure adequate thermal comfort and prevent transmission of the infections in the hospitalisation area.


The ventilation and air-conditioning in Auditorium requires a high rate of exchange of air. Air-conditioning and ventilation should make sure that it does not ingest too much energy for its performance, and should, at the same time, have the ability to properly cool and ventilate an area full of individuals.

Regulation of level of temperatures and humidity is also crucial, as it exert influence on the large spectators sitting in the auditorium during an event.


Supermarkets are loaded by a large number of people and many sources of internal heat. The heat of internal sources can be utilised to heat the premises during winter seasons, but should be rapidly and efficiently driven out of the premises during summer seasons to prevent unwanted additional energy consumption on cooling.

Adequate exchange of air can result into an optimal ratio between consumer comfort and costs of ventilation.


Hotel ventilation should be considered as part of an fundamental hotel energy solution. The needs of individual rooms must be carefully monitored – reception area, hotel rooms, kitchen, dining area, and swimming pool – and the ventilation, cooling, and heating requirements of the hotel systematically dimensioned.

The fundamental aspect: the energy of the hotel should not be over-dimensioned, as this can results into high expenditure and monthly costs for the hotel manager. On the other hand It is also crucial not to under-dimension the energy of the hotel, as this can bring down the room comfort.

Usually, air conditioning machines are used to administer the refrigeration cycle due to which temperature of the air remains cool. Generally, evaporation or free cooling also functions to keep the temperature down. MG Cooling Solutions provides best suited centralized air conditioning solutions and you will get the best facilities without any compromising.

However, our HVAC design & installation services are not restricted for aforementioned specific areas only.

We provide pocket friendly and customised Centralized Air Conditioning services according to your needs.

Compressor, condenser, blower and all other equipments will be properly examined before installation.

Looking for installation of centralized air conditioning solutions in a small or large facilities, it will be done swiftly and hassle free.

With only minimal cost investment you will get centralized air conditioning services.
We have team of skilled engineers that will not only take care of the installation of centralized air conditioning units but also all your heating and ventilation issues.