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Cold Room Services

We deal in HVAC Design & Consultancy, HVAC Sales & Supply, HVAC Installation & execution. We take care of HVAC projects, Energy Audit, server room & data centre cooling, ventilation etc.

Device in which low temperature gets entrenched for defined intend is called as cold room. Cold rooms are insulated chamber designed to maintain an artificially generated temperature for storing items having higher deterioration rates.The best example of cold room is refrigerator in which a certain low temperature is maintained. Cold room devices are accessible in all sizes. The cold devices can be designed from small size to big sizes according to the Customer’s specific needs.The size of cold devices is generally defined by the Customer’s Storage Requirement.

To manage electrical issues automatically the cold rooms devices are designed with digital thermometers. For maintaining precise temperature parameters can be settled by individuals. PE coated or wooden patterned are few variations of cold rooms. Energy efficiency, high product standards, safety and security are some of the benefits of cold rooms. For commercial usage most of the times, various cold rooms gets connected. It helps to save installation cost as well as it increases the usefulness of the space.

MG Cooling Solutions deals with with leading cold room manufacturers in India and taking care of complete turnkey cold storage projects that are specific to client’s specific needs. For cold room design & cold storage warehouse construction we offer:-

Higher-level products as cold rooms and cold storage chambers.

PUF (polyurethane)/ EPS (polystyrene foams) injection.

Energy saving machines’ production.

Customized design and technical parameters.

Cold rooms will be equipped with Modular panel

All components are tested and approved.

Product cooler, control panel and compressor