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Ductable and Packaged Air Conditioning

We trade in HVAC Design & Consultancy, HVAC Sales & Supply, HVAC Installation & implementation. We take charge of HVAC projects, Energy Audit, data centre & server room cooling, ventilation etc.

Air Conditioners are sensible air controlling device which makes the air capable to breathe in. The air when it comes out from AC have a fine composition consists of: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and Inert Gases etc. Choosing the right air conditioner and placing the air conditioners at right direction are helping factors to offer best results. Solutions of the Air conditioning encompasses factors like: Heating, Cooling, Humidity, Ventilation and Humidity control

Ductable Air Conditioning

Ductable AC is generally designed for single room operations. All associated components such as condenser, compressor, expansion value, cooling oil etc will be enclosed into a single box which can be effortlessly fixed by us.

Packaged Air Conditioning

Packaged AC is required to provide cooling facility for more than two rooms. In this kind of air conditioner there are basically two types of arrangements. These air conditioners have high capacity blowers which are capable to manage cooling for large space. Proper compression and expansion of air, both of these functions will be done precisely by us.

MG Cooling Solutions which is providing unbeatable HVAC solutions with assured quality is now providing installation services for Ductable air conditioning & Packaged air conditioning. We deals with known Ductable and Packaged AC manufacturers. According to the specific requirements of our clients, we avail them best AC from manufacturers.

All parts of these air conditioners will be tested for quantity, performance and reliability before taking steps to install them at the required region.