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Industrial Ventilation

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Ventilation is required to control temperature, replenish oxygen and to remove Carbon Dioxide, Smoke, Heat, Bacteria or dust. MGCS awarded as best Ventilation Contractor in India helps in providing ventilation services which helps in exchange and circulation of air within the building to provide high indoor air quality by removing unpleasant smells and excessive moisture to outside atmosphere keeping the indoor air free of stagnation. MG Cooling Solutions provide Industrial Ventilation Services in India for below mentioned spaces, and more –


A controlled and clean commercial kitchen environment doesn’t come easily. Those in charge of a commercial kitchen must ensure the place remains a healthy and happy place to work – and a crucial aspect of this is a good commercial kitchen ventilation system. Proper ventilation in a commercial kitchen is extremely important – not only does it ensure the health and safety of staff, but also the longevity of the kitchen itself.

If a kitchen is not able to remain properly ventilated, the heat, grease and smoke can pose real health hazards.


If the room is often unattended, primarily used for storage, or effectively unfinished, then there’s a good chance you should ventilate your basement. Basement ventilation is typically general ventilation, as it needs to combat all the sources of pollutants around it.

Moisture ridden basements and crawl spaces provide a thriving environment for numerous contaminants such as mold and dust mites. These dangerous contaminants have the ability to disperse throughout while spreading odor and contaminating your entire home.


Ventilation of car parks is important to prevent the build-up of toxic fumes and flammable gases from motor exhaust and also to clear smoke in the event of a fire.

If a car parking lot (indoor or underground) is not ventilated or insufficiently ventilated, carbon monoxide and other pollutants in the air can build up to toxic levels. In case there is a fire, it can lead to the smoke and gas build up which will obscure visibility, block the escape routes and make it harder for firefighters to do their jobs.


Factories are often at work in places that produce toxic airborne particles, hazardous chemical fumes, dust, and other harmful vapors. To mitigate the effect of these floating dangers, proper industrial ventilation needs to be installed. Put simply, industrial ventilation gets rid of the bad air and replaces it with fresh air from outside.

Ventilation is a necessary part of any factory that will produce harmful air pollutants in a confined space where employees work. It not only cleans the air employees will breathe, it also allows for better temperature control and reduces the risk of fire in the facility.


Air quality in any work environment is crucial for the safety, well-being and comfort of employees – this rings particularly true for those working in a warehouse environment. In general, warehouses pose a number of hazards to those working inside them, and poor ventilation is no exception.

Warehouse ventilation is vitally important. Understanding the different impact of temperature levels that come with the change of season and implementing the right systems for your environment will ensure the well-being, safety and comfort levels of employees, as well as the maintenance of products, stock and machinery year-round.